About TTM

This site is managed and primarily written by two strapping gents: Kent Woodyard and Conor McCarthy. Kent is from Oklahoma (which sucks) and I (Conor) am from Texas (which is awesome). We both graduated from Wheaton College and both still live in Chicago-land. We occasionally feature material written by guest writers. Our focus is on satire and cultural criticism, particularly from a conservative standpoint. We’re both Christians thus we’ll probably cover issues related to Christianity and Christian culture, but that isn’t our entire focus. We’ve seen a lack of good quality humor from a conservative standpoint and we want to fix that. This page is kind of a test-run as we get the real website up and running. We might run both at the same time to see which we like more… It’s kind of up in the air. Also – we’d love for someone to pay us cash money to do this as our jobs. So, if you know any rich people that want to do that give us a heads up.

Have fun. And post comments, we like those.

– Conor and Kent

Honorable Mention:

Gretchen Hoffman – Editor, (Specifically of Conor’s writing)

Zachary Chastain – relatively consistent contributing writer

Ryan Hodgen – as consistent, if not more than Zac. Certainly better looking, though.

We used to have more writers to mention, but then they all got busy abandoning their friends, hopes, and dreams.


One Response to “About TTM”

  1. Milly Suazo-Martinez Says:


    I wanted to tell you that I LOVE reading your website. Natalia had told me about it recently and now I am reading it often. I find myself laughing out loud during my breaks from translating boring materials.

    I will post your website as one of my favorites on Facebook and you can count on me spreading the word about it.

    Keep the writing coming, I’m reading it!

    Ms. Milly

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